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Lorenzo Rositano

I was born June 23rd, 1986, and grew up in Kingswood, west of Sydney near the lower Blue Mountains.

My family is originally from Calabria, Italy. My parents Domenica and Salvatore have been happily married since 29th October, 1977.

Growing up in my family has always been somewhat of a challenge as I come from a large family of three older sisters, Angela, Carmina and Grazia, and a younger brother, Giuseppe. The challenge was coming from such a female dominated household, however I have learnt to love and respect women from this experience.

I started singing when I was seven years of age and used to imitate the great Pavarotti. At eleven years of age I began having singing lessons. Along with singing I enjoy playing the piano. I have always loved music and being around such a large family, who all have different tastes for music I have been fortunate enough, to appreciate a diversity of musical styles. My favourite artists are; Mario Lanza, Luciano Pavarotti and Enrico Caruso, all tenors, of course.

My dream is to one day become one of Australia’s greatest Tenors. I intend to travel overseas to further my studies and bring back with me the skills and techniques that I learn.

My first experience in opera is a very funny one. In the first opera production in which I performed, I sang the Principal Tenor role, Ernestro in La Vera Costanza (Joseph Haydn). Prior to my aria, the Director requested that I carry out a sun baking chair and hold a massive umbrella. On opening night, I  went to open the umbrella and twirl it around on my shoulder, however it got stuck and I couldn’t open it. Eventually it opened, but only half way like a semi circle. Naturally, every time I twirled the umbrella it hit me on the back of the head. I’m afraid my fellow cast members “lost it” on stage having difficulty retaining their stage characters. When I got off stage, I was laughing so hard I collapsed onto the floor in tears. What an introduction to Opera!!!

I have been brought up to respect everyone, and in turn I think this makes me an all round nice guy who is always willing to help out in any way possible. This is important in an industry where people skills are essential. I always make an effort to be collegial.

Outside of singing, my interests include carpentry, fishing and cooking my Mum’s Italian recipes. She is a wonderful cook!
Even if my dreams were not to come true, I will still gain the knowledge and techniques to pass on to others that have the same passion for music as I do.
The one thing that I have learnt is that you must follow your dreams and with a lot of hard work and determination, it is possible to realise them. Set realistic goals for yourself and reach out hard to make your dreams a reality!